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01 / nature of the project

The Wellington 3 is an all-concrete residential project of 160 condominium units completed in 2018. This project is the continuation of the two previous phases, Murray Phases I and II, which contribute to the revitalization and effervescence of the Griffintown district in Montreal. Located at the corner of Wellington and Murray streets, this building offers a spectacular 360-degree view of downtown, the Peel Basin and the St. Lawrence River.

02 / services provided
  • Preparatory and pre-conceptual analyses
  • Design coordination meetings
  • Development of structural designs
  • Coordinated plans and specifications for bidding and construction
  • Site supervision and services during construction
03 / special challenges
  • Integration of the expansion with the existing building;
  • Construction of the building on a site with a difference in elevation of more than one level between the front and rear facades;
  • Construction in phases requiring rigorous planning.
04 / solutions provided
  • Use of REVIT software to model the designs
  • Analysis of Phase I structural plans to avoid possible conflicts with the capacity and positioning of existing foundations

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