Our expertise


With many years of experience in conception and management, our experts will work with you to simplify and optimize your day-to-day operations. P54 offers a personalized service in order to obtain optimal results that meet the needs of its clients.

Our expertise in structural engineering has been proven. Since 2006, we have completed hundreds of projects throughout Quebec, in both the private and public sectors, some of which involved previous major technical issues affecting existing structures and mechanical systems.


The municipal sector has no secrets for us.

P54 was built on the passion for municipal infrastructures by human resources who have worked as managers or members of public works or engineering departments in various municipalities in the Laurentians, Lanaudière and Greater Montreal regions.

  • Support and overall management
  • Asset management
  • Plans, specifications and worksite monitoring
  • Water distribution and collection networks
  • Transport infrastructures
  • Urban technical networks

Our vast knowledge of the sector makes P54 a strategic partner for municipalities.

Plan ahead to prevent rather than cure and guarantee the durability of infrastructures to ensure optimal service to the population.

Plan upstream to prevent rather than cure and guarantee the durability of infrastructures to ensure optimal service to the population.

Integrate works into the environment rather than hiding them.

For sustainable, fluid networks that promote the cohabitation of all types of users.

Working with distributors to provide better service to users.

In constant evolution.


We are still developing in order to offer a service that will allow us to anticipate your expectations, which we know are high. This is the motivation that drives us to raise our performance standards to a level that we, today, cannot even anticipate!


From planning to construction, through preliminary design studies, street infrastructure design or service to new building complexes, restoration of engineering structures, redevelopment, repair of existing infrastructures, but also through the realization of multidisciplinary urban development or revitalization projects, the expertise of the P54 team allows us to offer a personalized service in order to obtain optimal results that meet the needs of our clients.

  • Pre-project and feasibility studies
  • Complete topographic surveys (robotic total station and GPS)
  • Development of complete plans and specifications (2D and 3D)
  • Drinking water distribution networks
  • Collection and management of municipal wastewater and storm water
  • Urban technical networks (RTU)
  • Rehabilitation and sizing of roadways and pipe networks
  • Development of parking lots
  • Water and wastewater master plans
  • Financial asset management plans for infrastructure
  • Simulations and analysis of turning (AutoTURN)
  • Intervention plans
  • Traffic studies and traffic calming measures
expertise distribution eau



The P54 team assists public and private dam owners in the management and rehabilitation of their structures. The team is also specialized in stormwater management, aiming at the optimization of the cost-benefit of the equipment to be installed.


  • Hydraulic and hydrological studies
  • PCSWMM modeling
  • Stormwater Best Management Practices (BMPs)
  • Culvert inspection (MTQ accreditation)
  • Sizing of small and large culverts
  • High capacity dam inspection
  • Safety studies
  • Establishment of remedial presentations
  • Plans and specifications for small, low and high capacity dams
  • Requests for authorization from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MELCC)
  • Applications for authorization from the Dam Safety Branch (DSB)
  • Supervision of the work
  • Certificates of compliance


P54’s structural team assists clients in the realization of various construction projects in the industrial, commercial, heavy residential and institutional sectors. P54 distinguishes itself by its efficient communication with clients as well as its assiduous presence and support during the execution of the work.

  • Design and dimensioning of steel, wood, concrete and composite structures
  • Plans and specifications for buildings and various structures
  • 3D drawings (REVIT)
  • Inspection of existing structures
  • Performance estimates
  • Seismic retrofits
  • Functional and technical programs (PFT)
  • Verification of manufacturers’ shop drawings
  • Follow-up visits and certifications of work conformity
P54 - Structure



P54’s team is a partner of choice to assist clients in the realization and management of their projects, regardless of their scope.


  • Search for grants
  • Cost estimation and control
  • Planning and schedules
  • Integrated municipal management (resolutions, committee minutes, etc.)
  • Preparation of borrowing by-laws
  • Coordination and management of multidisciplinary projects
  • Risk management
  • Work supervision: services rendered at the office and site supervision with or without residence


P54 offers green and sustainable solutions that meet and exceed environmental standards. Always on the lookout for new developments in the field, we aim to deliver works that are at the forefront of green technologies. P54 also offers its expertise in authorization requests to the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MELCC).

  • Green and sustainable LEED solutions. – Respect of the environmental standards in constant evolution
  • Requests for authorization from the Ministry of the Environment and Climate Change (MELCC)
  • Wastewater treatment systems under 75 m³/d
  • Sludge emptying and treatment
  • Construction/repair of pumping stations
  • Process engineering
  • Drinking water storage tanks
  • Optimization of aerated lagoons
  • Collection and disposal of residual materials
  • Drinking water treatment
  • Wastewater treatment
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P54 accompanies the leaders of public works departments of Quebec municipalities in the realization of various mandates of all sizes, including:


  • Machinery purchase estimate
  • Snow removal estimates
  • Pavement marking estimate
  • Crack sealing estimates
  • Rinsing road estimate
  • Lighting master plan
  • Strategic planning for equipment replacement
  • Five-year building maintenance planning
  • Assistance in the preparation of operating budgets
  • Preparation of a three-year capital program
  • Preparation of grant applications
  • Plans and specifications for snow dumps and ecocentres


Parallèle 54 can support you or take charge of your projects involving mining or industrial facilities. Our team specializing in stormwater management and pretreatment, underground water supply infrastructure, wastewater/process water collection and roadworks will work with you to optimize your site’s operations. Our team of building specialists will be able to take charge of your projects to install, modify or expand existing facilities.

  • On-site inspection
  • Pre-project study
  • Estimation of quantities/cost of works
  • Optimization of fill/clearance for major earthworks
  • Master plan for drainage, wastewater collection, water distribution
  • Design report
  • Plans and specifications
  • Application to government authorities for authorization
  • Construction supervision
  • Pumping station and booster station design