Civil engineering

City of Saint-Charles-Borromée

Cost of work


Completion period


01 / nature of the project

The mandate consisted of producing, on behalf of and to the satisfaction of the City of Saint-Charles-Borromée, professional engineering services related to the preparation of studies, plans and specifications as well as the preparation of all necessary documents for two public calls for tenders, the analysis of the bids submitted by general contractors, the recommendation for the awarding of the two contracts as well as the supervision with residency for the work associated with the rehabilitation of the infrastructures on the various sections.

02 / complexities

The work took place on many sections with various and innovative construction techniques:

  • Trenching;
  • Traffic plan.
03 / constraints
  • Work carried out with numerous network crossings.
  • Road geometry works to be carried out with the constraints of the existing grounds and installations.
  • Work to be carried out near the schools during the summer period in order to reduce the impact of the work on them.
04 / services provided
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Cost estimates
  • Analysis of bids
  • Office and site supervision
05 / innovations made
  • Implementation of stormwater management with bioretention
  • Special crossing between the sanitary sewer and the storm sewer in a manhole
  • Inter-municipal work (looping of the aqueduct on Juge-Guibault Street)
  • Implementation of stormwater BMPs (swales and bioretention islands), these elements were implemented even though they were not required by the MELCC. They were implemented to reduce the volume of stormwater and increase water quality;
  • Coordination with various stakeholders to optimize the design of the ditches according to the needs and requirements of each (landscape architects, engineering department, public works for maintenance and snow removal, etc.).

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