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01 / nature of the project

The Viger Station is an ambitious revitalization and transformation project that required major work on the entire structure to make it compliant and safe. In order to preserve its architectural signature of great historical value, the interventions allowed the development of more than one million square feet of mixed use.

02 / history of the building

The Château Viger was designed by Bruce Price, the renowned architect who also designed the Château Frontenac (Quebec City, 1893) and the Banff Springs Hotel (Banff, 1887). It was built in 1898 in the traditional style of British railway hotels: trains arrived directly into the hotel lobby to maximize convenience for travelers.

03 / services provided
  • Repair estimate for the exterior brickwork
  • Drilling in existing floors and walls
  • Addition of a terrace and structural reinforcement of the low roof
  • Reinforcement of the solid wood roof structure
  • New mechanical walkway
  • New mechanical shaft
  • Addition of equipment to the roof
  • Coordinated plans and specifications for bidding, construction and TQC
  • Technical support, site supervision and services during construction.
04 / special challenges
  • Building built in 1896
  • Non-traditional construction: stone foundation, brick bearing wall, interior steel support column, composite floor (steel beam and concrete slab), wood roof
  • Tight construction schedule
05 / solutions provided
  • Meticulous survey and inspection of the entire building;
  • Sustained technical support and presence on site during the construction phase
  • Evaluation of the risks associated with each intervention.

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