Civil engineering

City of Varennes

Cost of work


Completion period


01 / nature of the project

The mandate consisted in providing, on behalf of and to the satisfaction of the City of Varennes, professional engineering services related to the verification of previous analyses and estimates, the preparation of studies, the production of plans and specifications as well as the preparation of all documents required for the public call for tenders, the analysis of the bids submitted by general contractors, the recommendation of awarding as well as the supervision with residence for the works associated with the reconstruction of the sections of Guèvremont Street, between Saint-André Street and Marie-Victorin Road, and Saint-André Street, between Guèvremont Street and the Notre-Dame River The project consisted of the replacement of the existing aqueduct system, the construction of a separate storm and sanitary sewer system as well as the reconstruction of the street foundation, curbs and concrete sidewalks, taking into consideration the municipal guidelines for heat island reduction.

02 / particularities
  • Hydraulic modeling of the drainage system for the addition of a storm drain connection to each property;
  • Built environment;
  • Work at the intersection with a road under MTQ jurisdiction;
  • Conservation of a maximum of existing vegetation cover to reduce heat islands;
  • Reconfiguration of road geometry to add traffic calming measures and to meet new urban design trends;
  • Grant constraints.
03 / complexities

The work was performed on two main street sections, so a traffic and phasing plan had to be developed.

The inverts for connection to the existing storm sewer system were sometimes high, so the addition of storm sewer connections required more elaborate thinking.

04 / services provided
  • Topographic surveys of the site and field survey
  • Analysis and correction of drainage problems
  • Preparation of plans and specifications
  • Cost estimate
  • Coordination with the MTQ
  • Preparation of tender documents
  • Office and site supervision
05 / innovations made
  • Coordination with the MTQ
  • Addition of traffic mitigation measures with little impact on snow removal operations

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